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One of the key components to success within Motivity is a well-trained administrator.   With our hands-on training, you can learn how to configure KPI’s, Query Visualizers, Scorecards and much more. Register now to get started!

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Become a Motivity consultant
Understand the basic structure and foundation to be a successful admin
Apply lessons immediately after the training
Learn the necessary skills to customize and configure your existing Motivity environment
Work together with other Motivity clients to analyze current spreadsheet reporting and how it can be transformed into Mortgage Business Intelligence


Examine best practices from other organizations and how they’ve utilized Motivity
Expand the use of Motivity with forward looking projection and pipeline reporting based on current production
Engage your management and frontline users with customized Master Report Cards that track the status of pipelines
Utilize our notifications feature to communicate with borrowers, real estate agents, and other external parties throughout the entire loan process

“The platform that Motivity provides to its clients is nothing short but an ‘aha’ moment! Your eyes truly open with the possibilities of improving your already amazing company into an ultimate powerhouse with all the Business Intelligence at your fingertips. It is nearly impossible to fail when you have this information and wealth of knowledge to work from.”

Josh Brown | DAS Acquisition Company


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