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The Collingwood Group

The Collingwood Group

The Collingwood Group recognizes the importance of understanding changes within the environment of the financial services industry; knowing what to do — and what not to do — and proactively identifying potential issues for resolution before they bring additional scrutiny and enforcement actions.

The Collingwood Group’s Risk Management and Compliance Division brings very unique qualifications to the area of FHA and Ginnie Mae compliance and risk management. The division supports the full range of clients’ government lending business activities, across the entire loan life cycle including origination, servicing, and claims for FHA, USDA, and VA. Staffed by the industry’s largest group of former HUD employees – including a former FHA Commissioner and two former Mortgagee Review Board Secretaries – the team brings a combined two hundred plus years of experience in government lending compliance and risk management.

Find out more about The Collingwood Group at http://www.collingwoodllc.com/.

NW Insight

Motivity Solutions and The Collingwood Group are proud to offer a mortgage business intelligence solution designed specifically to enhance the experience of using Neighborhood Watch. Our automated solution provides a simple, web-based analytics and monitoring tool that will improve the way you see and use your Neighborhood Watch data. Dashboards and scorecards allow you to slice and dice your Neighborhood Watch data to identify negative trends and proactively monitor results within your organization.

Find out more about Neighborhood Watch Business Intelligence at https://nw-insight.com/


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