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Leading Edge Technology

The software offered by Motivity Solutions was developed to handle small and large user environments and deployment scenarios, making for the most flexible applications available in today’s market. All of our solutions sensibly leverage the latest technologies available and combines them with multi-tenant development modules that provide the most secure, reliable, and agile platform available. Adding another layer of flexibility is our technology’s ability to be deployed behind your firewall or in our hosted environment (SaaS). We also believe that software solutions should be implemented using a phased implementation approach that focuses on providing immediate value to your organization over time.

System Integration

Motivity Solutions applications integrate information and processes from any program, database, or spreadsheet into one data management system, keeping your data in sync and alerting you when it is not. Most important, having all of your data together in one central location finally gives you the ability to manage every aspect of your company from one system.

Our installations provide the extraction, queuing, packaging, and dispatching necessary to ensure your data is integrated into any of our tools in a predictable, reliable, and secure manner. In addition, our technology ensures that data from the integrated system is encrypted for protection, compressed for performance, and then sent over secure (SSL) channels to servers that leverage the strongest encryption available. As an additional feature, Motivity’s data dictionary standards ensure that most systems and third parties can be quickly integrated, including systems with proprietary specifications.

Data Warehouse

Our Data Warehouse is built on a data dictionary platform which allows companies to better align with any industry’s goal of promoting data transfer and consistency. By combining multitudes of data and processes from disparate applications you are able to create relevant and actionable information. Extensive data mining allows business users to extract the information they need, when they need it. Then powerful business intelligence (analytics) is applied to discover relationships within the data for use in monitoring current status or forecasting future trends.

Data standardization is utilized so that prior to loading data into the data warehouse, inconsistencies are identified and resolved. Our technology is able to achieve maximum performance by retrieving data without affecting the performance of other systems and facilitating the compiling of the information necessary for trend analysis, key performance indicators, scorecards, dashboards, and exception-based reporting. The software then uses a real-time data synchronization framework providing immediate access to the data in the data warehouse.

Data Quality

All Motivity Solutions applications provide an unprecedented level of data quality, data integrity, and data control which adds a layer of risk protection to your operations. Our flexible solutions easily conform to your organization’s systems and processes as you navigate through today’s ever changing business environment.

Our technology displays the real-time data quality status on select fields through color coding on the data fields themselves (e.g. green equals high quality data, yellow equals potential for data quality problems, and red equals high potential for data quality problems). Being able to monitor and view the integrity of data points in our user friendly format allows organizations to be more confident in relying on the data to make decisions. Further, you are now able to proactively monitor data quality, reports, and scorecards.

Scalability and Extensibility

Designed to grow with you as your business grows, our solutions have been built from the ground up to support the needs of any organization, regardless of size. Adapting to meet the ever changing needs of your business, we employ a physical infrastructure that easily scales to meet the growing demands of any business, and a data extensibility model that enables you to capture the information when you need it. Through this extensibility model, your information can then be captured and distributed throughout the organization as though it were part of the original design. With scalability and extensibility, our technology delivers a solution that conforms to the needs of your business, instead of your business conforming to the limitations of your software.


Our software has advanced methods of handling security. It begins with a “Least Privileged Foundation” which requires you to take action in order for an employee to have the rights to view certain information – virtually eliminating the risk of an employee having access to data they should not have access to. To make management of this foundation easier our design provides your organization with fully customizable Personas and policy inheritance that establish a base set of privileges on a per role basis. Additionally, added security provides condition based permissions, which is imperative in any industry to restrict employee rights to enter or view data. Our solutions enable you to set permissions all the way to the field level giving you unprecedented control over your company’s data. We offer only state of the art security measures protecting your data from inside and outside your organization.

Leading Edge

Motivity Solutions engages the latest technological advances and blends them with industry experience to capitalize on the latest trends in the software industry. From the use of AJAX and dynamic rendering, to the creation of a “Computing Cloud” that enables external solutions to quickly register for and be notified of changes within our applications, you can feel confident that the latest technology has been responsibly leveraged to keep you ahead of the times. Technologies and concepts such as .NET 3.5, AJAX, SaaS, Web 2.0, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow (WF), and On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) are thoroughly evaluated and can be deployed where our customers and systems can gain the greatest benefit possible.


Our software is built with a new level of flexibility that allows it to be delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS – hosted and managed by Motivity Solutions) or deployed on your servers within your firewall – providing two ways to deploy (based solely on the needs of your organization and not the capabilities of the software provider). Both ways have the same level of functionality, scalability, and extensibility – meaning the potential for growth with your organization remains identical, regardless of how you decide to implement our solutions.

Phased Implementation

Traditionally, technology implementations force a moving organization to jump onto a stationary solution, reducing the organization’s productivity and agility. In contrast, Motivity Solutions employs a phased implementation approach enabling you to selectively address pain points and realize value from your investment immediately, while minimizing the impact on existing operations. By being selective, targeted technological changes can be softly integrated into your business, enhancing the overall effectiveness of existing solutions and minimizing disruption.


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