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Mortgage Business Intelligence Benefits


Retail Sales, Wholesale Sales, and Correspondent Lending

Through dynamic tracking, monitoring and measuring, sales leaders, branch managers, and correspondent lenders can increase both quality and volume of loans with our Sales Management solution. With this solution, managing individual loan officers, branches or correspondents across volume, units, cycle time, pull through and closing is easier and more efficient. Wholesale functionality is included to measure account executives from file receipts through funding in a format that is easy-to-use and access. Correspondent lending management functionality delivers insight to key executives enabling them to manage multiple channels, providing the ability to score correspondent lenders across several Key Performance Indicators.

Reduce subjectivity and the unknown when it comes to assessing originator performance
Find a variety of metrics instead of focusing solely on volume or capacity
Effectively score originators across multiple weighted metrics for a comprehensive analysis of their performance
Show an originator or channel partner what they need to do to increase success
Set recruiting and hiring goals with precise predictions of personnel and partner requirements



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