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Richey May Select

“I don’t care about the rest, I care about the best. This benchmarking tool will allow me to measure Cherry Creek’s performance directly against my strongest competitors …and outperform them.”

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Peer Group Metrics on Demand

Richey May, a premier accounting firm dedicated to providing accounting and advisory services to mortgage bankers, has partnered with Motivity Solutions, the mortgage industry’s leading business intelligence provider, to provide a “next generation” financial peer group benchmarking and financial metrics tool called Richey May Select. This industry-specific peer-to-peer financial benchmarking tool offers confidential, timely, precise and relevant information to help drive effective change within your organization.

Motivity Solutions provides an effective tool that enables lenders to proactively shape their organizational and financial goals, and help keep them abreast with changing market conditions. Lenders want to know where they stand compared to their peers, not to the market as a whole. Optimally, lenders need to evaluate high-level information, as well as the ability to drill deeper to find out more when necessary. Now they can. Richey May Select combines the mortgage industry financial expertise of Richey May professionals with the innovative technology of Motivity Solutions to provide a financial benchmarking tool that will improve your bottom line by visualizing peer-to-peer financial and operational performance metrics that you can actually use.

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