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“Staying aware and ahead of negative trends in your FHA business performance has never been more critical. Collingwood’s expertise in FHA Risk Management, combined with Motivity Solutions’ business intelligence technology, has enabled real time access to relevant Neighborhood Watch data so FHA lenders can easily identify areas of vulnerability and more effectively manage risk.”

Chairman :: The Collingwood Group

Monitor Neighborhood Watch, Proactively Avoid Credit Watch and
Direct Endorsement Termination

Motivity Solutions and The Collingwood Group are proud to offer a business intelligence solution designed specifically to enhance the experience of Neighborhood Watch. Our pre-configured solution provides an out of the box, Web-based analytics and monitoring tool that can improve the way you see and use your Neighborhood Watch data. Dashboards and scorecards enable you to slice and dice your Neighborhood Watch data to identify negative trends and proactively monitor results within your organization.

Capture Capture
Automated collection and storage of all your Neighborhood Watch data with easy access for in-depth analysis.
Analyze Analyze
Graphical dashboards display summary information and highlight exception areas that need immediate attention.
Monitor Monitor
Track key Neighborhood Watch metrics over time relative to your goals and past performance.
Improve Improve
Expert insight and advice from trusted advisors to proactively improve company and individual performance.

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