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It has been a pleasure doing business with Motivity. One of our biggest weaknesses was properly establishing performance metrics and deeply analyzing data critical to our organizational effectiveness. User adoption amongst our managers has been unanimous and adoption is usually been the one thing that can impact the ROI of applications like Motivity. Finally the knowledge and service provided to us has been fantastic and has been a leading factor in the success of our implementation.

Tony Pietrocola
CIO – Union Home Mortgage

Align all employees to company goals.

There is an infinite amount of data available, but managing that data and turning it into actionable information can be a difficult task for any company. Motivity Business Intelligence combines the data from your collective systems and enables users to instantly access relevant information and apply powerful analytics to help forecast and monitor performance. Movation provides real-time access to key performance indicators, scorecards, executive and employee dashboards, and on-demand dynamic reporting.

Business Intelligence Roadmap

Employee Scorecards Motivity’s Scorecards incorporate a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are defined metrics used to align small-scale operational activities with large-scale company goals. These KPIs are transformed into a scorecard to help monitor performance, allowing you to compare and analyze goals versus actual results. Motivity takes this a step further by proactively alerting key users when a pre-defined event occurs or when a threshold is reached.
Executive Dashboards Dashboards provide companies with the relevant information necessary to drive their business forward. Users can see high-level graphical summary data and have the ability to drill down to refined levels of data to instantly identify exceptions and solve problems. Motivity’s Dashboards are role-based and configurable, providing employees access to relevant, job-specific data. Motivity Business Intelligence also connects all of your systems, providing a more holistic view of your organization.
Reporting Motivity Business Intelligence is linked to underlying reports that drill down to a detail level and is electronically deliverable. These interactive reports help business users prevent potential problems by viewing detailed information quickly on screen without having to print a report or open a file. Through Motivity, you can develop reports that are comprised from all of your systems, eliminating the need to manually piece together reports.


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