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Compliance Management

An ever-expanding regulatory framework means mortgage companies will either have to hire more compliance officers, or find a better way to track and manage these without adding staff. Having a central vehicle to automatically track and manage compliance not only helps reduce risk, but it also provides more time so compliance officers can address other, complex compliance concerns that are not readily automated. The Compliance Management solution provides you with a safety net to help protect against costly compliance violations as well as improve your company’s regulatory performance. This robust solution incorporates key business intelligence that proactively focuses on seven key areas of origination compliance: application, disclosures, re-locking, change of circumstance, APR, ECOA and closing disclosures.

Compliance Management Solution
Proactively tracks if employees are sending out closing disclosures three days in advance
Tracks all required compliance tasks automatically, help ensure completion
Gives advance warning of potential/pending violations
Provides drill-down capability to identify/locate each individual file with a pending violation
Pinpoints segmented training/coaching opportunities with departments or individual staff with above average compliance alert incidence
Identifies potential compliance violations



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