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Making a Successful Business Even Better

Making a Successful Business Even Better

Even the best need the right tools to succeed

Cornerstone Home Lending has a long history of success. To date, they’ve grown to over 100 branches in 44 states, and have enjoyed high national rankings throughout their recent history. A big part of their formula for sustained success is thorough and ongoing self-evaluation. One of the nation’s “Top Workplaces”, CHL is populated with seasoned mortgage professionals who take a great deal of pride in their work. The idea that this level of dedication could foster inefficiencies is counterintuitive.

Nevertheless, problems began to crop up. Project Manager Sabrina Richardson explained how her staff’s passion for excellence fostered diligence, determination, and ultimately, duplication of effort.“We started to see double-entry of data.

They wanted more information, so people were doing their own tracking in Excel to get tighter control of their files…

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