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Mortgage Business Intelligence Benefits


Executive Management Solution and Report Cards

Motivity Solutions’ business intelligence technology manages data automatically, analyzes it for consistency, and provides managers and executives more information to help make business decisions. Managers now have more time to respond to the information rather than spending time to gather and validate it. With data from the entire enterprise at their fingertips, including report cards for all branches and individual staff, executives and managers have significantly more insight into every facet of their business and the time to manage it more effectively.

Actionable information delivered quicker and more accurately than reporting
Problems can be quickly identified and diagnosed; drill down capability allows a user to open up summary data and find detailed information all the way down to field-level loan data
Reporting legwork is outsourced to the system, leaving increased capacity for analysis and remedial action at the operational level
Best practices framework is prebuilt and resident in the form of visualizers, dashboards, scorecards and reports that provide immediate benefit through much broader, real-time, persistent analysis of the entire enterprise
Report cards automatically delivered to your inbox, and available on-demand for every branch and position within your enterprise



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