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Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae, Inc. provides automation software for mortgage industry. Its technology-enabled software solutions help streamline and automate the process of originating and funding new mortgage loans, increasing efficiency, facilitating regulatory compliance and reducing documentation errors. The company’s software is an end-to-end, comprehensive enterprise solution that handles most of the functions involved in running the business of originating mortgages: customer relationship management, loan processing, underwriting, preparation of application, disclosure and closing documents, funding and closing the loan for the borrower, assuring compliance with regulatory and investor requirements and overall enterprise management.

It also host the Ellie Mae Network, a proprietary electronic platform that allows encompass users to conduct electronic business transactions with the investors and settlement service providers to process and fund loans.

Ellie Mae solutions include Encompass, the Ellie Mae Network and Datatrac. The company is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.

To find out more about Ellie Mae, visit http://elliemae.com/.


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