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Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC)

Ponte Vedra, Fla. (Mar. 30, 2010). – Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC), a firm that leverages its cooperative power and secondary marketing expertise to improve secondary market execution and increase member profitability, and Motivity Solutions, creators of culture changing technology that simplifies business, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership that plans to bring a higher level of insight and efficiencies to CMC members. Through Movation, Motivity Solutions’ Business Management Platform, CMC members will be able to bring together data from existing systems for the purpose of gaining strategic insight through powerful business intelligence and analytics to improve their overall business.

“There is no question that lenders bringing better loans to the secondary market – loans that the secondary market can count on to perform – is critical to the recovery of the mortgage banking industry,” said Tyler Sherman, CEO of Motivity Solutions. “Movation helps accomplish this by creating a unified data source and by applying powerful analytics through robust business intelligence,” Sherman continued. “This provides our clients and CMC members with higher quality, real-time data that is in sync between their existing internal and third party systems, which ultimately improves their execution decisions”.

“We are very excited to have the 2009 Release of the Year winner as a preferred CMC partner,” said Tom Millon, CEO of CMC. “After discussing at great length the capabilities of Motivity Solutions, their philosophy of building a technology platform that helps companies run a more efficient and profitable business, and the quality of their team, we feel they are going to be a great fit for our members.”

“Loan quality is a great example of how we are helping lenders,” stated Gabe Minton, chief strategy officer for Motivity Solutions. “Through Movation, you can track what information on a loan has been changed, who or what changed it, when it was changed, and who ultimately approved the change,” Minton stated. Minton has been a pioneer on increasing loan data quality since 2001 while leading MISMO for the Mortgage Bankers Association. “Through this tool, the data is given a rating, which is only part of the vital information available to lenders and secondary executives, so the loan can be objectively analyzed based on its core data set and manufacture history,” continued Minton. “In this way, Motivity Solutions, through Movation, is helping lenders and their investors work proactively to improve their portfolios,” Minton concluded.

Colorado-based Motivity Solutions is the creator of culture changing technology that combines and enhances existing systems to simplify business by creating insight, efficiencies, and a sustainable competitive advantage. As an award-winning service provider, Motivity Solutions and its technology encourage a performance-based environment that aligns employees, managers, and executives to corporate goals and an improved bottom line. Motivity Solutions uses their extensive subject matter expertise and award-winning Business Management Platform, Movation, to accomplish the objective of improving their client’s profitability by simplifying business.

About Motivity Solutions

Motivity Solution is the award winning creator of mortgage centric, culture changing technology. Our innovative Movation Business Management Platform helps lenders get more business, and get more out of their business, through revenue-generating customer relationship management, performance-driving business intelligence, and profit-accelerating innovative solutions. This unique combination elevates the success of mortgage banking companies by establishing a performance-driven, self-competitive, proactive, accountable, and self-compliant culture. For more information please visit motivitysolutions.com or call 800.411.5541.

About Capital Markets Cooperative

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC) provides mortgage bankers with the economies of scale and expertise to reduce risk and maximize profits in the secondary market. Regarded as the premiere secondary marketing specialists in the industry, CMC works with financial institutions nationwide to break traditional barriers in capital markets and take performance to a higher level of profitability. To date CMC executives have managed more than $500 billion of mortgage volume. For more information about Capital Markets Cooperative, visit www.capmkts.org or call 904-543-0052 or e-mail info@capmkts.org.


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