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Quantitative Benefits

Why We Focus On Metrics

The current culture within the mortgage industry is reactive as opposed to proactive. By focusing on performance, we help you drive business improvements through understanding, measurement and modification. Our data-driven ideology touches various aspects of the mortgage industry enabling our customers to get more out of their systems, people, processes and partners by aligning stakeholders to the corporate goals that drive your success.


Through our industry-leading business intelligence solutions you have the ability to manage your company’s individual, department, branch, region and corporate goals, and prioritize those goals based on business need.


Motivity Solutions’s culture modification and business intelligence solutions help create a self-competitive environment where businesses perform at their highest level.


With our exception-based and analytical technology you no longer have to sit back and react to the issues that can be most detrimental to your business. Our technology highlights the areas that need your executive team’s attention through an exception-based format that enables you to focus on improving business processes.


Our business intelligence solutions allow you to properly set and communicate realistic expectations and provide the means for employees to track their performance against these expectations. This creates an environment that helps eliminate excuses and enables your executives to focus on tactics that will continually improve employee performance.


Your stakeholders have already given you the questions to the test, now all you have to do is manage your company to those questions. State and federal agencies, warehouse banks, investors and other stakeholders can hold you accountable using pre-defined key performance indicators and scorecards, and Motivity helps you manage your operations based on those metrics that provide the greatest opportunities for your success. And if the questions to the test change, no problem, our solutions provide the agility to help your goals remain relevant.


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