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Brad Witzig :: COO

Brad Witzig :: COOAs the Chief Operations Officer, Brad Witzig is responsible for all aspects of professional services, support, client services, and the implementation and deployment teams of Motivity Solutions including the strategic processes used to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction while our partners are engaged with Motivity. In his 10 years with a large LOS and document provider software company, Brad was instrumental in bringing creative solutions to the mortgage products and services offered. He had overseen the growth of the company from a small startup to a leader in mortgage enterprise lending solutions. His innovations span across both the product and implementation side. During his tenure, as Director of Product Implementation, Brad’s innovative processes and streamlined visual approach led to rapid deployment to numerous enterprise customers. Prior, Brad quickly moved up the development and architecture ranks of Norwest/Wells Fargo Technical Services. Brad led teams of developers across multiple financial services including change management, banking imaging and retrieval, and home equity automated underwriting and borrower scoring systems. Brad has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Northern Colorado.


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